Beaphar Top 10 MultiVitamin Tablets for Cats 180 Pcs -7268

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For cats, complementary nutritional supplements For cats, multi-vitamin tablets contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements that strengthen metabolism, immune system, support heart and vision. In addition to improving fitness and vitality, it gives shine to feathers. It contains 10 essential vitamins as well as taurine.

The taurine in its content supports eye and heart health. It provides strong bone and tooth formation. It helps older cats to be strong and lively. It strengthens the muscle structure and provides durable and strong physio condition. There are 180 tablets in the box.

Product Content;
Milk and dairy products, various sugars, minerals, mollusks and crustaceans (4% shrimp), meat and meat products, fats, yeasts, cereals. Analysis of the Product; Raw protein 10%, raw fat 2.3%, raw fiber 7.0%, raw ash 13%, humidity 3.6%, calcium 3.2%, phosphorus 1.8%, sodium 0.75%, potassium 1.3%, magnesium 0.1%.

How the Product Is Used;
It is recommended to give 1 tablet for a weight of 2.5 kg. Warnings; Store in a cool, dry place.