Bioline Toilet Training Spray for Dog 50 Ml -7266

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Bioline Toilet Training Spray for Dog 50 Ml
Bioline Dog Toilet Training Spray is a ue training exercise spray that can be used indoors and outdoors to help dogs gain toilet habits.

How the Product Is Used;
* Shake the bottle before use. * Line a toilet practice pad in an area of the house where you want to toilet. Make sure this area is away from the food container and bed. * Spray and let it smell at a distance of approximately 15 cm from the area you want to toilet, especially after eating, play and sleep, bring the product back to the point where you applied it. * When the spray wears off, spray again and repeat until you have the habit of applying it. * Be sure to reward the toilet when it is in the desired area.

* Keep your mouth closed away from children. * Make sure it does not come to your eyes and skin. * It is recommended to use with pee training pad.