Felicia Low Grain Sterilized Urinary Cat Food With Chicken 2kg -7367

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"Felicia® Adult Cat Light & Sterilised is formulated for neutered or over weight cats. It contains carefullly balanced protein and fat levels to provide weight control in a healthy way, whilst still providing all of the essential nutrients in a delicious food.

High Digestibility: Containing healthy grains and rice to promote digestion, which helps to save energy for vital activities. Optimal digestion maximizes the utilization of ingredients, thus reduces faeces volume as well as improving consistency.

Ideal Weight & Healthy Body Condition: Contains L-Carnitine, Vitamin A and high quality animal proteins helps your cat burn fat and maintain muscle mass to promote an ideal body condition.

Support Urinary Health: Felicia® Adult Cat Light & Sterilised contains balanced and optimal levels of essential minerals, to help reduce the risk of urinary stones."