Pedigree Dentastix Small Dog Dental Chews - 7 Sticks(Pack of 10) -7273

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Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care chews with TRIPLE ACTION are scientifically proven to reduce the build-up of tartar by up to 80%, clean hard to reach teeth and support gum health.

It's a sad fact that 4 out of 5 dogs have gum disease. This can often lead to painful and expensive treatment. Pedigree Dentastix reduces tartar build-up by up to 80% when fed daily through a combination of special texture and active ingredients.

Pedigree Dentastix has a unique X shape, special texture and two active ingredients that when fed daily, is scientifically proven to help reduce the build-up of tartar by up to 80%.

Reduces tartar build-up by up to 80%
Cleans hard to reach teeth
Supports gum health
No added artificial colours or flavours
No added sugar low in fat with only 82 Calories per stick.