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Bio Pet Active D-Kaltabs 84 Calcium Tablets for Cat & Dog

Calcium Tablet for Cats and Dogs

It is a support product designed to meet the calcium that our Cat and Dog friends need at every time of their lives.

Calcium is the most present mineral in the body in animals as well as in humans. In addition to forming the structure of bones and teeth, they have very important tasks in clotting blood, configuring joints, regulating heartbeats and repairing the nervous system.

For all these reasons, it is extremely important to meet the daily calcium needs of our friends. Especially during pregnancy and milking periods, the needs of both mother and offspring have increased significantly.

Likewise, large and giant breeds that grow fast continue to develop up to 24 months. Failure to adequately meet calcium needs during this critical period can lead to skeletal problems that cannot be corrected for life.

Calcium absorption may decrease for different reasons. But especially the lack of vitamin D is the most important reason for the decrease in calcium absorption. Therefore, in sunny weather, allow our friend to run and play a lot outdoors.