Pet Active Oral Care Solution for Cats and Dogs 250 Ml -7264

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PetActive Oral Care Solution for Cats and Dogs 250 Ml Mouth and Dental Care Product for Cats and Dogs Helps prevent the formation of dental stones while preventing bad breath of cats and dogs. It is also used in the prevention of gum diseases. It is used by participating in the drinking water of cats and dogs. By providing hygiene in the mouth, it reduces and prevents bacterial plaque, which is the most important cause of gum diseases, and refreshes the breath. Chlorhexidine Gluconate; has antiseptic properties. It helps to remove plaque and tartar that occur in cats and dogs, while also preventing bad odors in the mouth. Zinc Glucose; it has an effect in preventing plaque formation. It removes bad bad breath by inhibiting sulfur compounds formed in the mouth. It is used by dripping 5 ml into 1 Lt of water for a creature weighing 12.5 kg.