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Bio Pet Active Vitalicat Multivitamin 150 Tablets for Cats

It is a complete and balanced mixture of Vitamins and Amino acids that promotes the healthy development of our kitten and adult cat friends and makes them more resistant to diseases.

Vitamin A helps reduce dryness, hardening and itching that may occur on the skin of our friend; protects it against diseases and harms of chemicals.

Vitamin E helps protect against diseases caused by aging and stress, such as cardiovascular, eye and neurological diseases and many more.

Vitamin B9 – Folic Acid is a vitamin that cats need especially during pregnancy. It supports the healthy development of offspring in the womb if used regularly in the pre-pregnancy period.

Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic Acid is an anti-stress vitamin. Our cute friend who can't get enough vitamin B5 daily can't fight infections.

Vitamin H – Biotin is a very important vitamin that helps us and our cat to combat the problem of hair loss, which is the most difficult issue for all animal friends to cope with. Thanks to Biotin, our cat will have hair that shines and does not shed with the health that we admire.

Usage: Every 5 kg of cats in order to meet the need for vitamins and amino acids. 0.5 gr. (1 tablet) is calculated for its live weight and added to its food or given directly.