Art Naturals Mosquito Repellent Bracelets -738

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24 Hour

- 100% NATURAL, TOXIC–FREE AND DEET-FREE; experience ground-breaking outdoor mosquito control that’s completely free of artificial chemicals. It is made with essential oils like geraniol, lemongrass and citronella.
- ESSENTIAL OIL BASED; enjoy the extra therapeutic benefits of a uniquely strong blend of essential oils that naturally repels insects. Who said an effective insecticide has to smell horrible?
- WATERPROOF; made with plastic materials, the pest repellent bracelet is 100% safe in water. It is the ultimate outdoor pest repellent that works without losing potency, even in wet or humid weather.
- UNIQUE 250-HOUR PROTECTION; each refill repellent offers 250 hours of protection from mosquitoes and garden pests, while letting off a pleasant scent to humans. Enjoy being outdoors without the annoyance of garden pests.
- ECO-FRIENDLY; included in the US Environmental Protection Agency Federal Registry as safe insecticides that pause minimum risk to humans. The ingredient sources are completely renewable, plant based and friendly to the environment.