MineVital ( Hijab ) Covered Hair Conditioner 300ML - All Hair Types -7991

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24 Hour

Nourish & Moisturize your Hair, more than ever!

“Keratin & Almond Oil” – All in one Conditioner
Argan oil provides improved moisture to hair. Enhances the elasticity of the hair to promote hair growth and nourishment, helps you to keep hair in sparkle and shine appearance for a long time by holding the moisture amount, while Keratin empower your hair with protein bomb.

Covered Hair Needs: Iron, Vitamin – D, Zinc and others…
Most of the time, The Shampoo selection may not be enough in order for your hair to look beautiful and well-groomed. Especially, when your is subjected to the closed area under a hat, cap or headscarf for a long time, may lose its shining; and may be seen as dull, no volume and damaged.

In order for your hair to get in the shape of healthy, cool and well-cared, all you need to do is to use MineVital Hair Conditioner after washing your hair with MineVital Shampoos, which is formalized to meet completely all demands of Muslim Women.

Suitable for daily use, MineVital Hair Conditioner; provides your hair nourishing and promote hair growth faster by meeting the amount of moisture required for your hair’s health, thanks to argan oil in its ingredients. The Argan oil, that maintains your hair in a good shape by styling, makes hair in an appearance of sparkle and shine.

How to use:

Apply to wet hair by massaging gently
Rinse thoroughly


Made In Turkey