Sono Blonder - The Silver Silk Leav-in 150ML -7999

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24 Hour

instant conditioner without rinsing.
A veritable beauty potion that holds 10 secrets
releasing an intoxicating perfume all over your hair:
1-Antioxidant and anti-aging treatment.
2-Protects against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays
3-Efective heat protection from the heat of hot plate and hairdryer
4-Brushing and styling faster and longer lasting
5-Cripe and electrostatic control
6-Hydrates and nourishes dry, or colored, damaged and treated hair.
7-Highlights the shine
8-Leaves the hair soft and velvety.
9-Repairs and nourishes the tips.
10-Leaves hair healthier, more beautiful and more vital.
Directions for use:
spray on washed and towel-dried hair before combing it,
do not rinse, change to the desired style.


Made In Italy